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How To Invite Real Emotion in Your Photography

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• 28-Pages with detailed photoshoot experiences and image examples - for couples, families, and individuals

• 5 Invitations™, our method of capturing genuine joy that will take the awkward out of your photoshoots

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"This guide has changed how I approach photoshoots completely. No longer do I feel the need to make clients laugh someway or another or feel as though I'm just copying and fabricating another instagram post, but I feel as though I genuinely telling THEIR STORY and THEIR RELATIONSHIP. Can't wait to enroll in their masterclass to get the FULL PACKAGE!!! "


" I loved this guide! it opened my eyes for something that we sometimes don't think about that much, but that's really the heart of a session. I totally recommend anyone to take a look at it... Athena and Camron are so professional and I love all their work, videos and guides :)"


"I have been shooting for 7+ years and have been working hard, always challenging myself to bring the best for my clients... I cannot describe what a blessing and answered prayer this guide was. It brought me so much relief knowing that there is something more... I want to thank you so much for what you are doing and how you have helped me already. I will leave you with the txt I received from my clients last night, that is worded differently than any other compliment I have received. "Thank you so much! We were talking about how amazing you were to work with all evening. Thank you for making it such a MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE!" More than the photographs... Thank you Athena and Camron."


"This guide is AWESOME AND FREE! Totally worth signing up and getting emails from Athena and Camron. Their emails are the ones I ACTUALLY look forward to getting as they offer so many good tips & tricks... Thank you Athena & Camron for generously giving out SOOO many free resources and guides for photographers. You can tell their hearts are poured out into teaching and that they do really want to help others be successful in the business. Generosity and kindness is such a rare entity these days and these TWO share it with the world so well!"


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